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In the BIO section of my blog, I did specify that I would share stories on my life experiences, so here is my opportunity to share with all of you my first story. Since my first post was about, choosing the right reasons to have a pet? Here are the 3 main reasons to why I choose to have pets.

Reason 1
~I was nurtured to love animals~
Honestly, I can't remember when or how I developed my love for animals. Maybe it's the way my parents brought me up. I've always heard stories of my mother having chickens, cats and dogs before because she grew up in a 'kampung', which means village in Bahasa Malaysia. I even found a few picture of the dogs she used to own. My dad in the other hand, loved rearing fish and I enjoyed watching the goldfishes we had swim around in their aquarium during my childhood. Feeding them was the best part and I loved helping my dad pump water out of the aquarium during cleaning time. In other words, I grew up around pets.

I was born in Penang, but my family moved to a town called Taiping in the state of Perak when I was just a year old. Talk about new beginnings...

Guess what Taiping is famous for other than the peacefulness, the beautiful lake garden, and Maxwell Hill? It is obviously the Taiping Zoo. My first visit there was like a fairytale. I was with my mum and sister when we found a hidden passage. We investigated and behind a metal fence was a huge beautiful Longhorn Ankole bull that was white with patches of brown. It was the most magical and magnificent creature I've ever seen. Till today I can't seem to make out if that encounter was real or just a dream. I tried searching for the passage every time I visited the zoo, but I never found it again.

Logo of Zoo Taiping today.
Could this be that elusive bull?
Being exposed to the natural beauty of animals and growing up around pets, I think that was what cultivated my love for them. I have pets because I chose to LOVE ANIMALS.

Reason 2
~My religion thought me to nurture animals~
"When a man has pity on all living creatures, then only he is noble."
I believe all religion has one thing in common and that is the teaching of greater good. To tell you the truth, it is according to plan that I am born a Buddhist, but it is by God's design I am a free thinker. I do believe in God, but I'm not here to talk about religion right now.

Me ringing the bell at Penang's Kek Lok Si Temple in 2009. You could feed slider turtles there too.

Buddhism taught me about suffering and karma. To have compassion towards animals because they too have a soul, and are able to feel and suffer.

Killing, inflicting pain, and butchering animals for acts of gluttony and torture is a terrible sin. Greed is something that fuels all the bad traits in us. 

I do believe in Karma. The way I see it is like, if you were to purposely find a bee and kill it, here comes the whole swarm coming to kill you. Fun fact! Did you know that there was once a time in India, if you were to kill a cow, you'll be sentenced to death? I'm not sure if that rule still exists today. The way I see it, an idiot tried to break the rules of his/her religion by purposely killing a cow, and karma decided he/she must die. Don't be surprise if one day aliens came to invade earth and make us their main protein source. Greedy ones would taste the best.

Feeding my rescued red-eared slider named Egg.
In the end of the day, it's all about understanding pain and suffering. Taking good care of a pet keeps me happy and calm. Being loved back by them is the best reward ever. I have pets because I choose to CARE AND NURTURE ANIMALS.

Reason 3 
~I am educated about animal rights~
The point of realization ultimately was Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' music video. It really opened my eyes to the evils, brutality and savagery a human could have. Soon after that, I started seeing animal right campaigns being shown on television more often than before.

I admit I was a fan of shark's fin soup once and every time there was a wedding, I couldn't wait to have it. Sharks are just fish and consuming them is as normal as eating chicken. I was so wrong!

I was watching an animal documentary one day and they showed me how shark's fin were cultivated. How their fins were cut off while they were still alive and then be thrown back into the sea bleeding and fin-less, to die a slow agonizing death. Sharks need to swim to breath in oxygen from the water, which means they suffocate to death if they don't.

I swore on that day I wouldn't eat Shark's fin soup ever again. It's not even the fin that tastes good, it's the seasoning of the soup that makes it so delicious. The fin is actually tasteless and studies has shown that consuming it is more hazardous than beneficial to your health. It's all a scam to trap you into spending the big bucks. You benefit nothing from it. It's YOU who pay the ultimate PRICE!!! It's been 12 years since I last ate that horrid bowl of unnecessary murder. I even got a few people to follow my choice and one of them was my sister. Best of all, even my culinary hero, Chef Gordon Ramsay supports this cause.

Other than that, I started watching more documentaries and slowly discovered the heroes that thought me more about animal rights. I learned so much about animal protection which includes pets and ways we can help conserve our planet.

My favorite SPCA T-shirt bought from SPCA Penang.
Millions of unwanted pets are put down each year due to puppy mills, irresponsible pet owners and people wanting pets for the wrong reasons. I have pets because I choose to RESCUE ANIMALS AND HELP OTHERS UNDERSTAND AS WELL AS SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS.

Happy days...

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