Saturday, June 1, 2013


A few weeks ago, I saw a really cute picture of a golden retriever puppy in pajamas on Facebook that really brightened my day. I shared it around, but little did I know about the story behind that puppy, till today when I was watching E-News celebrity on Astro's channel 712, E!

A picture from it's official Facebook page at Ray Charles The Golden Retriever
Meet Ray Charles. A golden retriever puppy that was born blind and has become viral on the internet today. To know more about his story, just click on the link below it's picture. It's owner probably named it that because Ray Charles was a great musician, artist and celebrity that made history by becoming the pioneer of soul music during his time, and he achieved all that even though he was blind.

I hope by sharing this puppy's story, people would be more kind and willing to give dogs or pets with disabilities a chance at life too. Being disabled doesn't make them less than a dog/cat/pet, it just makes them ever more special and could change your life completely with the knowledge and experience they give to you in return.

Besides that, it's name Ray Charles, after the blind pioneer of soul music could also inspire humans with disabilities to not loose hope or give up in pursuing their dreams. Living with disabilities doesn't make you less than a man, but actually stronger in all aspects of life.

I wish you all, happy days...

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