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From reading my previous post, you are now aware of the right reasons and also the wrong reasons to having pets. Hence, it is time to test yourself  and see if you deserve to continue your journey to getting a pet by participating in this little test I designed.

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'The Choice Test', is the first of many test as well as checklists to come for you to participate in this series of 'Pet Ownership' segment of mine. Here is the starting line on your journey into the world of pet ownership guided by me.

All you need for this test are:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator (if you prefer)

In this test, there will be a total of 15 questions. Each question comes with 3 selection of answers accompanied by it's value that you have to choose. When you have chosen your answer for your first question, write down it's value on your piece of paper or add it into your calculator. Move on to the second question and add the value of your chosen answer to the first value. Finish the test and you would have the grand total which will refer you to your result.

There are 3 outcomes to this test. One is good, the other one is not so good and the last one is just bad. I wish you all the best of luck.

Please answer honestly for the most accurate result. 

Question 1
It's your first time getting a pet dog or cat, where would you get it from?

Choices are:
-A certified breeder (3)
-An animal shelter (0)
-A pet shop (5)

Question 2
How many pets would you get?

Choices are:
-One (1)
-More than one (2)
-None (5)

Question 3
You know you are ready to have a pet and it's a very easy pet, but your parent's wouldn't agree. What would you do?

Choices are:
-Get the pet without your parent's permission (5)
-Don't get it (2)
-Talk and convince them with your research and knowledge (3)

Question 4
You see a dog being tied up out in an open field without shade, food and water. What is the best solution?

Choices are:
-Take a picture of it, report to your local animal support units, and provide the dog with all it's need while waiting for help to arrive. (1)
-Take the dog with you. (0)
-Leave it there. (2)

Question 5
Do you think exotic meat like cat, dog and horse should be consumed?

Choices are:
-Maybe (1)
-No (2)
-Yes (5)

Question 6
Would you consider having a venomous snake as a pet?

Choices are:
-No (1)
-Yes, if I am careful enough and have done all  my research (5)
-Yes, because they are cool (3)

Question 7
How many unwanted pets do you think are killed due to overpopulation in a year?

Choices are:
-Hundreds (2)
-Thousands (1)
-Millions (0)

Question 8
You got a pet when you were not ready, and now you are not able to care for it. What do you do?

Choices are:
-Give it back to the place of purchase (3)
-Give it to a non kill shelter (1)
-Abandon it somewhere (5)

Question 9
Your pet is misbehaving badly and you are starting to get really frustrated. How do you handle it?

Choices are:
-You hit it, inflict pain on it, decide to give it away or abandon it (0)
-Choose to ignore the behavior (5)
-Do your research, seek help and discipline your pet correctly (1)

Question 10
Your friends are into wearing fur. How do you react?

Choices are:
-Tell them about the terrible side of the fur industry and you are against it (0)
-Join them (5)
-Ignore the fact and keep what you know to yourself (1)

Question 11
What do you think is the best way to put an animal down?

Choices are:
-Gas chamber (0)
-A shot to the head (1)
-Euthanasia (3)

Question 12
There are pets available for purchase on the internet these days and they won't allow you to do house visit to check the puppy out. What do you think about people selling pets online?

Choices are:
-You think it's a good idea and would purchase one online as well (2)
-You think it is a good idea, but you won't purchase online (1)
-It's a bad idea and you won't purchase online (0)

Question 13
Should children below 5 own a pet?

Choices are:
-Yes, if they are supervised (1)
-Yes (3)
-No (0)

Question 14
There is a pet shop promoting a 'Puppies for rent' add. What do you do?

Choices are:
-Report to the authorities and animal support units on serious case of puppy milling (2)
-You think it's a good idea, but you don't do anything about it (1)
-Rent a puppy from them (0)

Question 15
Would you read my previous post about pets along with the wrong and right reasons to having pets?

Choices are:
-I have already read it (0)
-I will read it after this (1)
-I won't read it (5)


Your results!
If your score was 15 (THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE)
Congrats! You have what it takes to make the right choices for you and the animals. You get to move on to the next test and continue on your journey to pet ownership without having to repeat this.

If your score was 14 (MISSED ONE)
You probably have not read my blog and will read it after you did this test. If so, you don't have to do this test again. The force is with you too.
If you scored in between 16-30 (AMATEUR HOUR)
I'm sorry, I suggest you do more research on mistreatment towards animals. You are not quite there yet, but I belief you can pass when you are ready to retake it again. May the force be with you.
If you scored less than 15 or higher than 30 (CLUELESS)
Fail. It is either you are too young to understand or you just can't make the right choices for the animals. I appreciate your effort taking this test and I belief you got what it takes to turn things around because if you don't, there was no reason for you to be taking this test in the first place. First step to recovery is always to try. 

I hope you enjoyed doing this test. Thank you so much!
Leave a comment bellow to tell me what you think about this test and what result you got. Feedback and post topic requests are always welcomed.

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I wish all of you Happy Days... 

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