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So you have made the right choices on why you want to have pets by choosing all the right reasons to having a pet as well as supporting the right causes. However, does this mean you are ready to adopt one?

If you have not read about pets and making the right choices on having pets, here is the link: PETS 

Before you go off getting yourself a pet, you have to understand what goes into caring for one. Pets have needs that we owners have to provide for. Their basic needs are really simple and similar to ours which consist of:
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water

Animals too need protection from the natural elements. If pets are to be kept outdoors, they need a structure that would provide them with shade when the weather is too hot and bright. This is because, being exposed too long under the hot sun could lead a pet to die of heat stroke.

My late bunny Stefan(white one) with it's buddies in their little club house when they are not in their cages.
In the other hand, if the weather is too cold, they would need good bedding in the shelter to provide them with warmth and comfort, or they could suffer from hypothermia which would lead to sickness and the worst case, death.
Other than that, if your pet is a prey animal, an enclosed shelter will make sure your pets are protected from natural predators, or it could also prevent them from escaping into the wild, thus ensuring their safety at all times.

A complete hamster enclosure with bedding, exercise ball, water, food, tunnel and a home.
Pets that are kept indoors would need a safe and secured shelter too, depending on what type of animal it is. It  could be cages, aquariums, semi aquatic enclosures and etc. Most important thing is to provide your pet enough room, activities and stimulants in their shelter or enclosure to keep them happy and healthy at all times.

Question is, are you willing to spend money, time and effort on providing your pet with the shelter it needs? If you are not willing to do it, you are not ready to have a pet.

All living creatures need food to survive. All of us know that, but what I don't understand is why some pet owners still choose not to feed their pets and let them starve to death? If you don't have enough money to feed yourself, don't get a pet! If you have too many pets to feed, then STOP getting more animals!

There are many selection and variety of pet food we have today and it's fun to provide your pets with different choices from time to time. You could also browse pet food recipes online and have fun preparing food for them. However, you need to take caution on the food ingredients that could be poisonous to your pets. Always study on what food is best for your pet and get to know their favorites.

My selection of food for my terrapins. I sometimes feed them life fish and vegetable.
My family's selection of dog food and treats.
Other than that, over feeding your pet could be a problem too. Animals could suffer from obesity, bad joints, heart problems and even diabetes if you don't take care of their feeding portions. Treats are called 'treats' for a reason. They are mainly used as a motivation device for training and should never be given to them freely anytime you want to or when they want it from you.

I can't believe I was able to train Sonnig to do this! I wanna prove to the world that non pedigree dogs are as good as any pedigreed dog.
Also, you have to take note on the proper ways to feed your pet especially when it comes to dogs. Food aggression is one reason why dogs don't get adopted out of shelters and have to be put down instead. Accidental bites could also happen if you don't know how to feed them properly. 
Feeding time. Always make sure the dog waits patiently before you let them eat. Could you believe Sonnig was once a shelter dog?
Question is, are you willing to spend money, time and effort on providing your pet with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy, happy and satisfied for as long as it lives? If you are not able to, then you are not ready to have a pet.

A steady supple of clean water keeps your pet well hydrated and healthy. Water feeders today come in all types, sizes and shapes. 

Sonnig drinks a lot! I can't find a bowl big enough, so I had to buy a plastic container to provide him the clean water he needs.
For aquatic or semi-aquatic pets in the other hand, it's important for them to live in clean water at all times. Filtration devices or regular water changes would help keep your pets stay healthy and alive. There are also types of fish that help act as natural aquarium cleaners to help you out. 
My Sucker Mouth Catfish named Skipper playing it's role as a natural aquarium cleaner, or in my case, pond cleaner.
Question is, are you willing to spend money, time and effort on providing your pet with sufficient clean water for the rest of it's life as well as cleaning and changing the water at a regular basis to ensure they stay healthy and happy at all times? If you are not able to, then you are not ready to be a pet owner.

Caring for a pet is a lifelong full time responsibility and it is your job to provide them with everything they need to live a complete life. Well cared for pets have been known to live longer than it's life expectancy which shows how well you are at being a responsible pet owner. It is an experience that could literally change your life.

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