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Providing your pets with their basic needs is part one of your responsibility as pet owners. If you were willing to do so, you are ready to move on to your next responsibility of pet ownership. Remember, if you are not willing to provide them with what they need, you are not ready to have a pet.

If you didn't read the basic needs of pets, the link is here:

Your next responsibility will be keeping your pets exercised and healthy.

I and my family are responsible for keeping our pets healthy and exercised.

Before humans became civilized and animals got domesticated, all of us had to travel long distances by foot in search of food or a new place to stay. Today, we and our pets no longer have to do that. Though some humans are fine with solitary confinement and being lazy, animals are not the same. All animals and I do mean all animals - domesticated or not, need exercise and stimulants.
My late bunny Stefan when it's not in it's cage. Outside jumping around on a cloudy day...

...or inside exploring. I only keep him back in it's cage at night.
There are many ways to exercise your pets. If you have rodents, a training wheel will be it's gym. Not only do u get to provide them a way to exercise, you get to have fun watching them run ever so cutely too. Placing tunnels in their enclosure, and hiding their food would also do them plenty of good.
Up the tunnel, in search of treasure (food). My friend's hamster Blue.
Other than that, aquatic as well as semi aquatic pets just need large amounts of water to swim around in to get their daily dose of exercise. A basking area for your shelled amphibian friends would also be beneficial to their health and well being.
Egg warming her feet by basking in the sun, as Turtle watches by.
It's very important to provide your pets with enough daily activity. Main reason why majority of pet owners choose to get rid of their pets is when their pets start being destructive. However, there are also some pet owners that choose to sentence their pets to a lifelong imprisonment, as a way to prevent destructive behavior, or simply because they don't care about their pet's well being. Which always end up as a case of animal cruelty and neglect.

Destructive behavior only persist due to irresponsible pet ownership. Most of the time, not only do pets start being destructive when deprived of stimulant and exercise, some may even turn aggressive, because they know you are treating them badly.

For canine and feline friends, play is a fun way to exercise them. Since dogs are more energetic than cats, taking your dog for a walk at least an hour, 3 times a week would be good too. I have never owned a cat before, so I don't really know much, but if I did, I would pamper it with cat climbs, scratching posts, and an enclosed outdoor cat walk.

Sonnig at 5 months old, stretching all over the place with it's new freedom. I can never fatten him up till this day because he is always so busy running laps around the house.
Question is, are you willing to spend money, time and effort in providing your pets with enough space, exercise and stimulants to keep them happy and active for the rest of your pet's life? If your answer is no, you are not ready to have a pet.

When humans have babies, all babies need to be given boosters and vaccines as they grow up. The same principle applies to your canine and feline pets.

Sonnig's vaccination to date.
It is very important to vaccinate your pets, not only because they may contract diseases, but some of those diseases can also be transmitted to humans too. The most deadly and feared one of all is 'Rabies'. Other than that, they should also be deflead and dewormed whenever necessary, to keep them safe from parasite infections. Always consult your veterinarian to take better care for your pets. 

Here are more reasons to why you should vaccinate your dogs. Cats too have a list, but I don't have it cause I never had cats.
Other than that, forming a good relationship with your local Veterinarian is also crucial. Pets do occasionally get sick and it is your responsibility to nurse them back to health, no matter how much it will cost you. 

Here is Sonnig wearing his cone of shame because he had a skin disorder. Showing off his white teeth during his sleep. My funny silly doggie.
More trouble for him. Mostly my fault really. He wanted to chase squirrels and end up crashing into an empty aquarium, and I didn't clear up the mess immediately. When I came back to clean it up a few minutes later, he already got his paw cut.
A freaking Sunday and my local Vet was closed. Thank heavens there was another vet clinic open that day, but he charged me RM350 to knock him out and stitch him up. Here he is recovering from his anesthetics and obviously blaming me for all this with those glowing eyes. 
That was something I'll never ever want to go through ever again. I've learned my lesson and am never gonna repeat it ever again!
Another responsible thing to do for your pet is to get it spayed or neutered if you are not planning to breed them. My dogs are not neutered because they never leave the house without supervision and all of them are well behaved enough not to escape. They know their rules, boundaries and limitations.

However, if I am to get a female dog/cat in the future, I'm definitely getting them spayed because I don't want any of my pets dying of breast cancer. Besides, spaying and neutering is also to help control the number of animals and help save lives of unwanted pets. 

Question is, are you wiling to spend money, time and effort on providing your pet with the health care it needs for the rest of it's life and be responsible by getting them spayed or neutered? If you are not willing to, you are not ready to have a pet.
Always think carefully and do what is best before getting a pet. You never know what obstacles you and your pet could get into. The key is to always be prepared.  

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