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What are they? 
My explanation for this question will be, Pets are animals that were domesticated through centuries of selective breeding, extraction from the wild to be broken in, tamed through constant human interaction, and filial imprinting on humans so that we can keep them for companionship and some other reasons.

There are many reasons to why people keep animals as pets. There are, for the right reasons and sometimes - don't be surprised, for the wrong reasons as well. 

Here is what I know...

Getting pets for the right reasons, just to name a few are:

  • For a better understanding of animal behavior
    (Observing and getting to know their habits are both entertaining as well as educational)
My friend's hamster Blue sleeping.

  • To be closer to nature
    (Take a walk in the park with a furry friend, or just play around in your back yard. It feels good to be with nature)

My former boss (I no longer work there) at the Taiping Equine Park enjoying a swim with the late Miss Condessa in a nearby stream.
  • For companionship
    (Either begging for treats, snuggling under or near your feet, doing tricks for your attention, running away from you, staring at you with full blast curiosity, or just being there with you. They are there for you)
It takes a pet and it's owner to embark on this journey.

  • Animal therapy
    (Offering you their cuteness, calmness, funny antics, and interaction, f
    urry friends give comfort to all of us and some even go beyond that by providing special services to those who need it)
The crew at Taiping Equine Park carrying out a therapy session. 

  • Cultivate and grow a sense of responsibility
    (An assurance of a bright and happy future)

  • Appreciate life which includes everything and everyone in your life
    (Though they might have annoyed you in the past, but once they are no longer there, you would wish you could have done more)

  • Gain experience on animal care
    (A once in a lifetime experience)
My first shelter adopted dog. Something I'll never forget.
  • Provide security
    (Your personal bodyguard or home security system. Many pets have helped us survive through caveman times and they still provide security for us today)
Sonnig the guard dog in your face! This picture doesn't look quite right...
That's much better. Beware of Sonnig!
Awareness on animal misuse plays a major role in making sure we don't fall into supporting the wrong causes. It's not fair to the animals and it never benefits us in anyway.

Getting pets for the wrong reasons are:

  • Skinned to cultivate fur for fashion
    (Say YES to synthetic! We are no longer in the dark ages, we don't need fur coats, clothing, shoes or bags anymore) 

  • Supporting the illegal exotic pet trades by purchasing exotic animals for their attractiveness and rareness
    (Wild animals are NOT pets! Carrier of different diseases with no vaccinations, wild instincts highly intact, decreased number in wild population, dangerous to handle, high cost of upkeep and have I not mention that it is ILLEGAL!)

  • Puppy mills
    (Pets are NOT baby machines! Living in filth, cramp spaces, over breeding and suffering with malnutrition. It is YOU(buyers) who PAY the PRICE! Always!)

  • Animal testing - cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, experiments, educational dissections, interbreeding
    (There is always a better way! The humane way)

  • Consumption
    (Support free range poultry and livestock! Stay away from cats, dogs, horses and exotic meat-there are no humane instruments to slaughter them and their intelligence makes it even traumatic

  • Hoarding
    (Get help! Identified an animal hoarder? Notify support units. Animal support are always there to help the people and the animals)

  • Illegal animal fighting and racing
    It's cruel in every way! The losers are left to die due to injuries, starvation and pitiless culling)

If you are thinking of getting a pet for yourself or for someone else, please do keep in mind on the reason why you are really getting that pet. Is it for the RIGHT reasons? or by doing so, supporting something wrong? either you are aware of it or not. 

By reading this post in my blog, I believe you will make the right decision or perhaps start making it because what you are doing right now is early RESEARCHING on how you can make your experience with a future pet-to-be or with your current pet, the best it can be.

To help you decide whether or not you or somebody you know has the right reasons to be a good pet owner, my next post will be titled...


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I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Leave a comment bellow if you want to share your thoughts or add anything on the right reasons or the wrong reasons for keeping pets, or leave a question if there are any. Feedback and post topic requests are always welcomed. 

Thank you so much for reading and I wish all of you... Happy Days! 

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