Thursday, June 6, 2013


From reading my previous post, you now know about the responsibilities that comes with pet ownership. Hence, it is time to test yourself  and see if you deserve to continue your journey to getting a pet by participating in this little test I designed.
'The Responsibility Test', is the second of many tests as well as checklists to come for you to participate in this series of 'Pet Ownership' segment of mine. Here is the starting line on your journey into the world of pet ownership guided by me.

All you need for this test are:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator (if you prefer)

In this test, there will be a total of 15 questions. Each question comes with 3 selection of answers accompanied by it's value that you have to choose. When you have chosen your answer for your first question, write down it's value on your piece of paper or add it into your calculator. Move on to the second question and add the value of your chosen answer to the first value. Finish the test and you would have the grand total which will refer you to your result.

There are 3 outcomes to this test. One is good, the other one is not so good and the last one is just bad. I wish you all the best of luck.

Please answer honestly for the most accurate result. 

Question 1
How many times should you feed your pet in a day?

Choices are:
-1 to 3 times (0)
-1 time (5)
-1 to 6 times (1)

Question 2
You plan to keep a pet outdoors, what should you do?

Choices are:
-Leave it in the back yard all by itself all the time (0)
-Build it some shade, a shelter, a fence and a water feeder (2)
-Build it a shelter and provide it plenty of water (1)

Question 3
You just got your pet puppy or kitten. What is the first thing you should do?

Choices are:
-Bring it everywhere around town before going home (3)
-Bring it to the veterinarian clinic (0)
-Bring it home (1)

Question 4
Your pet got into an accident and is in pain, what do you do?

Choices are:
-Take it to the veterinarian (1)
-Bandage it's wounds and leave it to heal by itself (2)
-Clean it's wound, stop any bleeding and then take it to the veterinarian (0)

Question 5
Do you think it's important to exercise you pets?

Choices are:
-Maybe (0)
-No (1)
-Yes (3)

Question 6
What do you have to look out for in your pet's vaccination certificate?

Choices are:
-My pet's details along with my details (5)
-Pet and owner details, and vaccination stickers (1)
-All of the above along with Clinic stamps and vet signature (0)

Question 7
What is the best way to keep your pets exercised and stimulated?

Choices are:
-Hide it's food (0)
-Take it for a walk, play with it and provide it with toys (5)
-All of the above (1)

Question 8
Do you think grooming and cleaning after your pet is important?

Choices are:
-Very important (1)
-It's not important (5)
-It's only important if my pet is dirty (3)

Question 9
How often should you groom and clean after your pet?

Choices are:
-Once a month (1)
-Once or twice a week at least (0)
-Once a year (2)

Question 10
What should you train your pet to do first?

Choices are:
-Obedience (5)
-Tricks (3)
-Toilet train (1)

Question 11
How should you train your pet?

Choices are:
-Motivate with treats (2)
-Brute force and threats (5)
-All of the above (1)

Question 12
What else is important do you gain from training your pets?

Choices are:
-A bond of trust between pet and master (1)
-Winning competitions (0)
-Entertainment and bragging rights (2)

Question 13
Do you think it's important to provide your pets with identification?

Choices are:
-Maybe (2)
-No (5)
-Yes (3)

Question 14
You found a lost puppy with dog license on it's collar, what do you do?

Choices are:
-Ignore (5)
-Take off it's collar and keep the puppy for yourself (2)
-Bring it to the shelter and report on missing puppy (1)

Question 15
Are you willing to protect your pets no matter what?

Choices are:
-Yes (0)
-No (5)
-Maybe (3)


Your results!
If your score was 15 (A NATURAL)
Congrats! Your instincts on pet care is just spot on! Kudos to you, feel free to move on to the next test and continue on your journey to pet ownership without having to repeat this.
If you scored in between 16-30 (AMATEUR HOUR)
You did good. I'm sure you could do better. Better luck next time.
If you scored less than 15 or higher than 30 (CLUELESS)
Fail. I'm afraid you are not ready to have a pet yet. Do more research and I'm sure you will be on the right track to pet ownership.
I hope you enjoyed doing this test. Thank you so much!
Leave a comment bellow to tell me what you think about this test and what result you got. Feedback and post topic requests are always welcomed.

I wish all of you Happy Days...


  1. I'm not going to share what's the result I got :p, but glad you posted. am having fun, share this on facebook.


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