Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Previously, I wrote about how I found myself in an animal shelter for the very first time and why I chose to adopt a dog named Pongo which I have now renamed Sonnig.
If you've missed out on the first part and would like to read about it, feel free to read it here: Part 1-Adopting Pongo

Due to the fact I've already quit my job in Penang, I moved back home to live with my parents and be reunited with my pets in a little peaceful town I grew up in called Taiping, situated in a state called Perak. It's only an hour and a half drive to get from Taiping to the island.

Island of Penang, Malaysia. Where Sonnig is waiting for me...
On the day I am to to bring Sonnig home, which was on the 15th of February 2012, I asked my mum to go along with me on the trip.

The process of adopting a shelter dog was really simple and I enjoyed every step of it. First was to pick out the dog of course, and second is to see if you have a connection with it by spending time getting to know and interacting with it. I've already explained that in my previous post, but I did leave out something important about Sonnig.
"...he is just full of love and really interactive with people."
The reason I stated that is because, during my 'one on one' time with the three dogs, Sonnig was the only dog that wanted human interaction. First thing it did was to run towards me and land me tons of kisses on my face, typical pit bull behavior. Ha ha! Guess I can say it was LOVE at first KISS... *wink*

When my mum and I reached the shelter, we had a little chat with the lady in charge and we started step 3 of the process. The background check. According to the lady, Sonnig was born in Penang and was found by her in a market situated somewhere not far from the shelter. Sonnig was only a month old when he was found and has been in the shelter for 3 months ever since, before I came along. 

SPCA Penang. It is small, but it's better than non existence.
After getting to know more about Sonnig, the lady asked one of the volunteers outside to fetch and bring him into the shelter's clinic for a medical examination, which was step 4. At the end of his check up, they gave him a deworming pill and a nail cut. I, in the other hand received his vaccination certificate/card and his feeding directions.

Step 5 of the process is filling in paper work and a quick photo session. I wish I could see the picture they took of Sonnig and I, for I didn't get the opportunity to take one myself with my camera. I was too shy I guess. Story of my life pretty much.

The last step of the adoption process is to sponsor a dog/cat. It's actually the adoption fees for adopting Sonnig, but I know the money is used to neuter or spay another shelter dog/cat. I'm really happy that I'm not only saving one life by adopting, but I also get to help save the live of another by doing so.

After everyone at the shelter had bid Sonnig farewell, he was finally mine to take home! YAY!!! 

Everything was very new to him outside the shelter. He was reluctant to leave the shelter and climb up the car at first, but we managed to get him in.

The hour and a half journey home back to Taiping felt like forever. Sonnig was nervous and I tried my best to stay calm throughout the whole journey as to not make it a bad experience for him. Whenever he relaxed, I would reassure him with pets and he would lick me in return. Things started to look really good as we got closer to home, but something always had to go wrong at some point.

Yet again I have left out another important trait about Sonnig in my previous post. Once, during one of our play sessions at the shelter, I noticed something amazing about Sonnig. I was sitting on a step near a metal covered drain, when Sonnig came to sit a few feet away from me, just staring at me. Aww, how cute! I was about to get up and pet him, but drew back immediately when he started to pee, sitting down. I was FLABBERGASTED, but in a way, amused too.

An hour into our journey, Sonnig was in a lay down position at the back seat of my mum's car with me sitting right beside it. My mum did ask me to lay a few pages of newspaper on the seat for Sonnig to lay on before we started the journey, but I thought it was unnecessary, so I didn't. 

Well, I guess I should have listened, cause Sonnig did his special trick once again. Not only could he pee sitting down, he proved to me that day that he could also pee lying down. Honest to God, I never thought a dog could pee in a lay down position too!

We made it back home safely in the end of course, but the car had to be cleaned. It wasn't that bad really. There was some newspaper in the car that I managed to put under Sonnig just in time when I realized what he was doing. My mum will always be mad about that accident Sonnig had in the car, but it sure was memorable and it's definitely something to laugh about today.

For final part, click here: Part End-Forever Home 

Happy Days!


  1. Ahhh poor Sonnig! I hope he managed to overcome that trick!!

    1. Ha ha! He is a silly dog and he knows it. Just the other day I caught him peeing on all fours for the first time. Wasn't squatting like how a female dog pees, but standing on all four. I've never seen a dog pee like that! Again I was flabbergasted and the best part is, he was staring at me the whole time.

  2. Hehehe he's just a cheeky pup,cheeky like Me hehehe!welcome home Sonnig,I look forward to sharing your adventures,xx Speedy

  3. Such a cute puppy , I love him more and more.