Sunday, June 8, 2014


Meet the newest member of the family, Keiko!

       She started as a stray roaming the streets as a 2 month old puppy that found it's way to the front gate of my house while I was away at camp and decided to stay. 

       My parents adopted and gave me her as a birthday present cause she came on the day of my Chinese birth date. Maybe it was a gift from God, I don't know. It was good timing though. 

       Originally her name was Kiko because I had a favorite Boxer plush toy that I still kept till this day named Kiki. However my mum started to get annoyed with the dog's naughty behavior and started calling her Keiko. Before I understood what Keiko really meant, I always thought it sounded Japanese and it suited this little girl, so the name stuck. Then I asked why my mum called her that and the meaning of her name is actually something bad. In some Chinese dialect(I don't know which one), 'Kei' means Chicken and 'Ko' means Poop. Chicken Poop. 

       I thought of changing it back to Kiko, but then I remembered a movie I loved watching a really long time ago. Free Willy. The Orca's name was Keiko and further research proved my theory of it being Japanese and the meaning is so true. Keiko is actually Japanese for 'Lucky One' and that dog was one lucky dog to have found it's way to my house. It's also stated that the name was only given to females. She is truly a gift from God.

      My first impression on this lil pup is that she is one firecracker of a dog. Not once could she stay still, unless there is a bone to chew on or if she was asleep in the crate. Mischievous in every way a puppy should be, but I do love her personality. Nothing seem to ever bring this dog down cause she so happy go lucky. I'm hoping that she will mellow down once she gets older, cause similar to Sonnig, he was a handful too till he reached a certain age of maturity.

        Today she lives outdoors with Sonnig, but still have to be tied up during the nights and if there is no one at home - a precaution to prevent heavy destruction. One thing she loves most is digging and it's driving my mum up the wall. 

        It's fun to see Sonnig having a lady friend living with him outdoors. Keiko is fixed of course, so there won't be any puppies running around any time soon. She loves following Sonnig around, but Sonnig feels annoyed with her playfulness at times. 

        Life is never dull when Keiko is around. I just love the way she sees life and handle herself in new situations. I know it's going to be a wonderful adventure, so stay tune for more of our mischief. 

Till next time, and I wish you all...

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