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In the previous post on 'Sonnig and I', our story ended with Sonnig's arrival in Taiping. If you've missed the first two parts of the story, just click on the links below.
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Similar to Sonnig, I too was born in Penang and was brought to Taiping at a very young age. I think I was just a year old. 

View of Taiping Maxwell Hill from behind my house at sunset.
Surrounded by hills and rainforest, Taiping is best known as the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia. Kinda like Twilight vampire heaven if you know what I mean. Of course there are no vampire bats here in Malaysia, but we do have multiple unique species of bats. 

Welcome to Rain Town Sonnig! His first rainy day in Taiping.
Being the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia, the weather here is just similar to what you read in the Twilight novels, except it doesn't snow here cause it's summer all year round. The only time it doesn't rain is during the season of drought that will usually fall in the beginning of the year somewhere around Chinese New Year and there will be no rain for almost 3 months. On normal season, it rains everyday in Taiping and Taiping only. Like 30 minutes tops, 2 to 3 times a day. Sometimes, it doesn't rain for a whole day, but the next day it will rain all day. Lastly, around October to the end of the year, we will have the Monsoon season. Heavy rain everyday and sometimes it's the whole day for a whole week.

I can only imagine what life would be like for Sonnig in the shelter. Not much space to run around, being confined most of the time, the toilet is their living space and not much contact with grass. I couldn't wait to see how he adjusts to life in his new home where there are plenty of space and grass to run around.

Our first encounter. After that, this puppy was always on my mind.
Now he has all the space he needs to stretch out those long legs and run laps around the house.

It took some time for him to adjust, but adjust he did. First few days I had to toilet train him to go on the grass cause he was already used to doing his business on cement. It didn't take long for him to understand cause after a few treats later, he never had an accident. 

Due to his hyper energy, my initial thought was that it would be very difficult for me to train him. It took a lot of patience, but Sonnig is amazingly smart! He would learn something new every day and he learn them fast. The basic obedience was done in a week and I used German commands as well as hand cues. Sit, lie down and stay. Next came the tricks.
It's so easy to feed my dogs now that I've done obedience training. Thank You Cesar Millan!

In my lifetime before I had Sonnig, I've only successfully trained one dog to shake hand and the other to fetch. It's funny that only one dog knew one trick and not the other no matter how hard I try to teach them both the same trick. Amazingly with Sonnig, not only did I succeed with both those tricks, I even got him to roll over and balance food on his snout! He isn't a pure breed and I'm no dog trainer, but we did it! Together! 

It took a lot of trial and error, patience and persistence, but we did it!
Like a pro...
However, Sonnig is no Saint or Angel. He got into trouble all the time and the first year I had him was filled with difficulties and heartaches. Shoes and plants destroyed, excessive barking, prey drive issues, nipping, and he even chewed some wiring under my dad's new car along with the mudflaps. To make things worst, he had a skin condition that made him look like he belong to the streets.

My family did not accept him the way I did and Sonnig could feel the tension, which made things even worse. What can I say, he was a work in progress and we needed a lot of time to make things happen. He isn't a poodle or a border collie, so why do you expect so much from him?  There were so many fights and debates, where I had to persistently convince my family he just needed more chew toys and for them to interact with him.

Worst accident ever. Squirrel got the better of him and crashed into an unused aquarium.
After a year of hard work, I was the first to trust him with my shoes and SUCCESS!!! After that, it was smooth sailing and he didn't even need to be tied up during the nights. He is now forever FREE!!! My mum always said Sonnig was a Devil turned Angel. No doubt, there are still a few issues with Sonnig, which is the prey drive instincts and over protectiveness, but he is a guard dog and it's his duty to protect the family from dangerous animals as well as dangerous people.
His favorite thing to do in the mornings. Staying true to his name, he appreciates a sunny morning everyday.

Today, Sonnig has a new girlfriend and spends most of his days sleeping, eating and having fun goofing around in his destined to be forever home. This may be the end of this story, but we still got lots of adventure waiting for us, meaning more chapters to fill.

Till next time... 
Happy Days!!!

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