Thursday, January 29, 2015

The phoenix crashed and burned... Took almost a whole year to fire up again and fly out from the ashes of misery...

Okay, I'm just gonna say it... I messed up! There are no excuses for my absence this time, so I'm not gonna even write about it. The past is the past, and I'm moving on. Yeeeah.

Good news is, I finally found a job that I can actually stick to. Money isn't much, but it's better than nothing and I'm slowly increasing it. Yup, I'm still teaching guitar and once I'm ready, will be teaching other instruments too. It's all really thanks to my dad. Without him, I'm screwed.

Enough about me, I'm here to write about pets! Here are the updates...

First update will be about Sonnig. He is doing fine and just turned 3 last September. Wow! I can't believe I have him for 3 years already. I'm happy to say, I have finally found the best solution for his skin and will write about it in future posts.

No more bald patches! YAY!
Keiko grew up to be a beautiful young lady. Her coat is just amazing! She is like a tom boy turned lady. Just look at the comparison. Mongrels/no specific breed/street dogs are just so awesome! I just can't resist kissing and hugging her every time she sits in front of me. Haha!

Puppy days.

All grown up! I kinda think she looks like a Shaolin Temple dog. Haha! 

Adult fur. Thick, medium length and silky smooth.  
Old uncle Johnny however is not doing so well. He suffers from an ear infection and stinks to high heaven. I apply the medication for him, but he hates it and he turns aggressive every time. His current medication is not working, so I'll have to bring him to the vet again and get a new one. His teeth are in a bad shape too. Just turned 8, my family thinks it's too risky for him to be put under for the dental scaling procedure. Nothing I can do about that, but to get medication for his ears. I wish I earn more to cover my vet bills. You will understand why in a while.

Oh yeah, he also has some eye problems. Still active and strong though. Something to be very grateful about. 

I last left this blog in June 2014. In the period of 6 months, I took in 2 more dogs that needed my help. Here are Raichu and Roo. You can read their back story summary by clicking this link on the updated pet profile: Pet Profile (updated)

Will write more about them soon, but wait... Why is my vet bill increasing? Here is why. Raichu and Roo still needs their second vaccination, and Roo being a female, needs to be spayed. That's not all. Roo happens to have an injured leg and is suffering from skin problems too. With student loans to pay, 5 dogs plus myself to feed, social outings, and personal wants... I better start working harder and get my act together. Well, blogging again is a good sign. Lets hope for the best.

Worst of all, I'm very sad to say... I lost my terrapin named Egg on New Year's day. A horrible way to start my year. It's my fault really. I failed to provide her with a proper basking platform and to check the fencing on that day. She fell from her platform, pushed the fencing wide open and ran away while I wasn't home.

The last picture I have of Egg (right).
The pond had a leak, so I went to the shop to get a fiber glass pond. Again, I couldn't afford the best for my pets and my parents talked me out of buying the more proper, expensive and bigger one... I ended up getting this one. Oh, how I wish I could just afford to build a Koi pond!!! That would be my ultimate dream. Of course this pool/tank/whatever this is, holds more water then the previous pond and is way more spacious. Turtle should be happy. Will search for a better solution for the basking platform.

The stone blocks are really just steps to help them to climb onto their basking platform and  Egg uses it to sleep at night. Dam I miss her.

Hate to end this on a sad note, so here is a picture of my four rescue dogs playing together.

YAY! Lets all get Sonnig!!! 
Happy days!


  1. Wow it all happens at your place,great to see you back blogging,great news about the job...on wards and upwards for the new year,xx Rachel and SPeedy

    1. Thanks so much for sticking around! I definitely don't plan on moving backwards. Haha... There will be more pet stories to come. Funny to say, My pets are my teachers and I'm just helping them spread the message of their teachings. Happy Days!