Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm starting a new post segment cause I think God will just keep giving me such assignments. However, I don't know I should be thankful or dreadful. I really do feel useless when there is not much I could do for the dogs that need the help. Sometimes I can't even do anything about it and it kills me inside. I know I can do better if I just let myself be brave, but truth is... I'M A COWARD! Weak in mentality and am afraid of stepping into the unknown. 

Nevertheless, if I'm able to feel all this so strongly about the plight of unwanted dogs. Even after all the heartache, small victories, huge failures and all the guilt... I know I'll never stop trying to help the strays. It will just keep pushing and driving me to do better for them.

Never in my 24 years in Taiping have I ever encountered something as bizarre as this. Today's aid was given to this dog on the streets:

Followed him with my car and finally got a pic of the situation