Friday, February 6, 2015


I'm starting a new post segment cause I think God will just keep giving me such assignments. However, I don't know I should be thankful or dreadful. I really do feel useless when there is not much I could do for the dogs that need the help. Sometimes I can't even do anything about it and it kills me inside. I know I can do better if I just let myself be brave, but truth is... I'M A COWARD! Weak in mentality and am afraid of stepping into the unknown. 

Nevertheless, if I'm able to feel all this so strongly about the plight of unwanted dogs. Even after all the heartache, small victories, huge failures and all the guilt... I know I'll never stop trying to help the strays. It will just keep pushing and driving me to do better for them.

Never in my 24 years in Taiping have I ever encountered something as bizarre as this. Today's aid was given to this dog on the streets:

Followed him with my car and finally got a pic of the situation

All this happened while I was driving home with my mum from the night market outside my neighborhood when I noticed a stray running around. At first I could only see a brown dog, but as I drove pass it slowly-a cautionary action I do every time I pass an animal-I noticed the black band around it's torso.

Boy was I angry! From my distance I thought it looked like a bicycle lock. 

How in the world am I to get it off him if it's really a bicycle lock??? Who the hell thinks it's funny to do such a thing to a dog???
To whom does this dog belongs to???

Can I really just leave him like that running around with a possible hazard around it's torso? 

Nah! I can't ignore it! Never in a million years can I ignore that! I don't care what anyone is gonna think about me, I don't care if I have to chase this dog to the end of the earth, be bitten, or get myself killed... I'm doing it! Anything to just get that man made hazard off him!

I turned around and started my search because as I was going straight, the dog turned into a different street. When I found it, he was busy marking and I finally got the opportunity to snap pictures.

This is the 2nd pic I took of it. 
Here is a closer look on the first pic. If you look closely, the black band isn't the only hazard bound around this dog.
Why did I waste time on taking pictures of him when I should be helping it immediately? It's simple Plan B measure that I had to take. This is a dog I've never interacted with before, so if I failed to get close to it on that day, I could recruit some people to help me help this dog. 

I got down my car when I was close enough and made myself look smaller by crouching down. Called to it with an excited and soft high pitch baby voice to get it's attention. To my surprise and with great relief, it came right towards me all friendly. Lucky for us, the black band thing was just a plastic tubing covering a rope loop. However, that wasn't the only hazard around this dog.

There was a chain that looped around it's neck and left front leg. Worse of all, it was hooked with a wire connecting to the black band. Look how the chain is cutting into the dog's chest.
Was this a case of escape gone wrong or was this on purpose??? I did a few rounds of petting the dog first just to make sure it won't react wrongly as I touch different parts of his body. There were no signs of aggression or nervousness, so I started to carefully remove the bindings. 

I got to admit I wasn't 100% sure if this dog wasn't gonna panic and act aggressively towards me, cause the chain loop was really tight. I had to really bend it's left front leg to it's maximum and squeeze it out. Like how you would take a shirt off your dog by first folding his leg, so that you can maneuver it out the sleeve hole. 

Lucky for me, the dog must know I was trying to help it. He didn't struggle, he didn't panic and I got everything off him! Thank God!!!

I laid the loops on the floor to take a pic, so that you guys can see how unethical this is. NO dog owner should ever make such dangerous so called collars. 
Here is a closer look. The dog wouldn't leave me after that and kept demanding more attention. Sweet thing! 
From my observation, I could only guess that the owner of this dog tried to make a cheap escape proof dog collar. Another thing is, this dog must have been tied up 24/7. It's very common here in Malaysia where people have animals tied up or locked in cages 24 hours everyday for the rest of their live. Exercise deprived, it decided to escape and go for a run.

However, I can't confirm that, cause this dog is super friendly. Furthermore, he is well fed. It must have been properly socialized with humans. Maybe he escaped from home one day and met some stupid bastards that did this to him. 

Another theory could be is that he was just recently dumped for being destructive and boisterous. Tied up somewhere and left to die a slow death or in hopes to be taken in by a dog lover that took pity on it. Instead of staying put, he just pulled and pulled till this happened.

After all was done, I had to decide what to do next. I can't afford or fit in another dog, I don't have a dog foster army, nor is there any animal shelter in Taiping. I had to return him back to the streets and pray he'll be safe. Maybe find his way back home, but am not sure if home is that welcoming. 

I bid him farewell and blessed him to be safe. It was bloody difficult to drive away. HOW DO ANYONE HAVE THE HEART TO DRIVE AWAY FROM THEIR PET/PETS AS THEY DUMP THEM??? I DON'T GET IT!!!! This dog wasn't mine, but bloody hell! I worry bout it's safety and I can't stop thinking bout the things that I could have done to help it better. Give it shelter, food and water, warmth, love and to find it a good owner, so that he can live a full life as a beloved family member like every pet should! I failed again. 

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