Thursday, December 17, 2015

MY PET STORY-RAICHU'S STORY (PART 1-THE WISH) How did I get so religious all of a sudden???

I know, I know... I've been away far too long. I'm just gonna pretend I never left. SO! 2 MORE WEEKS TO THE NEW YEAR??? Lets just go straight to Raichu's story. 

Here is Raichu!

        WOW! I didn't even realize I had Raichu for a year already. Well anyway, I got Raichu in August 2014 thanks to a wish I made to God. Yeah... You know it's gonna be a good one. I'm crazy and I know it.

        It all seriously began with a wish. I'm not a religious person to begin with for I am a free thinker but I'm somewhat religious in my free thinking ways. I do talk to God and pray to him, but to which religion? All I can tell you is my God is UNIVERSAL!!! Don't hate on me now. (I feel Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and all Gods of every religion are just the representatives/messengers/teachers he provides to every ethnic/race/religion)-therefore, I take all the good advice, teachings and practices of every religion and seek advice from every representative of God. 

Somehow, you come to learn, appreciate and experience all the variety God has given us. I'm blessed to be raised in Malaysia where I get to experience this diversity of race, religion as well as culture that has thought me to look aside differences and accept everyone as who they are. 

1 Malaysia!!! I'm the top row first from the left. Oh Happy days...
Yay diversity! This was when I was in a German language course in Penang.  

        Back to the wish... I remember my work wasn't faring that well and during the nights, I would ponder on what was I going to do with my life??? Ambition, goals, action plans... The list goes on and on. 

I thought, maybe I'm not suited for music-for teaching. Maybe I should try something animal related again, but how and what? I always told myself the reason why I started this blog in the first place is because I want to open my own shelter one day. That is the goal(one of the choices anyway). Then I pondered... Maybe I can't open a shelter because I'm such a lousy human who can't commit or is willing to sacrifice so much. Why not just help as much as I can? So I thought, why not try fostering a dog, help it find a good home and help minus the stray population by one. 

           That idea right there helped me sleep at night, though was I going to do it was another matter. Easier said than done right. Every time I had that sinking feeling, I would think and wish of trying to foster a dog and finding it a new home. It went on for about a week when it happened.

          While I was wasting time on Facebook, one of my friend from secondary school contacted me out of the blue. I was pleasantly surprised of course for we have not bothered to keep in touch ever since we left school. I'm more of the social with close friends category and usually that group consist of only 2 constant human beings. I'm too lazy to have an active social life-Introvert much.

We chatted for awhile cause it's been like almost 5 to 6 years of no contact, then she asked if I could help with a stray dog that was roaming around her housing area. The dog looked really sad and she was really worried about it. 

OH MY GOD! First thing that came into my mind was, is this really happening??? 

  1. My friend whom I have not talked to for in years out of the blue just comes up and contact me? I'm sure she contacted all her friends she knew were dog lovers, but the timing of it all. Wow!
  2. She is Muslim-their religion restricts them from touching wet dogs or be salivated on by one, hence dogs are kinda taboo. Unfortunately, most Muslims are mistakenly thought by prejudicial dog haters to hate on dogs and some even say dogs are gonna be the cause of the apocalypse. Only a small majority realizes the lies they have been thought and today, the number of understanding Muslims are raising. Honestly, I understand and respect the practices and teachings of their religion because there is nothing wrong about avoiding a certain species of animal. Just don't hate and abuse the poor things just because someone said it's the right thing to do. 
  3. She needs help searching for a home for this stray dog that was roaming around helplessly. I've had a lot of Muslim friends that got shunned and hated on by other Muslims for being kind and good to dogs. Therefore I understand if she can't really do much to help the poor thing. However, she and her family has been wonderful with their limited help by feeding and keeping an eye on it. Making sure it doesn't get into an accident or mishaps. Her dad even offered to sponsor a bag of food to whomever willing to take in Raichu. Bless their beautiful golden hearts!
  4. Nobody knew of my intentions of fostering a dog. I only had those conversations with... you know... God
  5. I dam right FishKing asked for it and now God has presented me with this. What was I to do?
         There you have it. The whole story on how it all began with a stupid wish I made unintentionally. Right there and then I had to make my decision. Was this what God wanted for me to do or was it all just a coincidence? I went with the first obviously and so began my first rescue and foster mission.

To be continued... 
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Happy Days!


  1. How it all went so wrong?More like it went so right,But I can't wait to hear all about it,xx Rachel and SPeedy

    1. Hi, Rachel and SPeedy! Long time no see. Haha. Well,I did ended up with a great loving dog... but there is the storm before the calm, so stay tune. :)

      Happy days!