Thursday, May 19, 2016


If you hadn't read part one, click here for part 1:-The Wish

        On August 28, 2014, I somehow managed to convince two of my best friends to help me with the mission of rescuing Raichu off the streets(they were willing and loved the idea actually, but I still feel bad for troubling them). We drove to our friend's(Raichu's angel) house in the evening and caught up with her a little bit when we arrived. 

         She was actually still studying at the time and only came back home due to health issues or study break. I can't really remember cause that conversation happened like 2 years ago. She told us about the first time she noticed the dog and how good his behavior was till she felt she had to do something to help him. In one of her messages, her exact words were:-
"I can't stand watching him super friendly and nice, but now he looks depressed because no one would hold him. That's why I need to find someone who is willing to take care of him"     
         Her father was in on it too and I wonder if she was her Father's accomplice or vice versa. So cute! They have been providing the dog with food, water and shelter from the moment it mysteriously appeared.

These are pictures she sent me 2 days before I went to get Raichu. Friendly depressed looking orange dog deprived of hugs and pets.
He has been out there all alone for quite some time now for his fur is quite dirty. Still a beautiful dog though...
       Right off the bat, we hit our first problem. The scene was right but the main character was missing. Before I left the house, I texted Raichu's angel  to tell her I'm coming to get the dog and she confirmed with me that the dog was on site. Now that I'm here, the dog is nowhere to be seen and she told us that the dog was there like 5 minutes ago. 

       We started to search for it. Her dad got on his motorcycle and we got into my car and drove around the neighborhood. After making a few rounds around the neighborhood, I think it was a good 6-10 minutes before we finally gave up the search and decided to try to wait for it to come out again at the main site. Honestly I was worried of loosing daylight before the dog decided to show itself again. Raichu's angel then suggested we wait in her house and she happily welcomed us in. 

       The girls went in before I and as I trailed behind them, I took a step past the main gate. One step was all it took for me to see something out of the corner of my eye. That ORANGE tail! You know what the joke is? This sneaky little cheeky dog was resting in the neighbor's house all along. 

       It looked like the dog in the picture, so I asked my friend if that was the dog cause I don't know if her neighbor had one or not. She was laughing and confirmed the dog was the one we were looking for. He just wanted to be home with a family, and any open gate was his chance at it. Oh poor baby...

        I squat down and made some 'tsk tsk tsk' sound to get it's attention. He responded immediately and approached a little unsure. I evaluated his condition and learnt a few surprising things about our little friend here.

      First thing I noticed is that he had a collar impression around his neck. I'm guessing he used to belong to someone else, but judging from the absence of a collar, it could only mean one thing. Whoever owned him, dumped him and not too long ago too. When I told Raichu's angel about this, she didn't think much at first but that info registered with her because that night, she sent me a message saying she found out that one of her neighbor had moved out and instead of bringing the dog with them, they just turn him loose instead. 

      They were considerate enough to not leave him in the property all by himself to starve to death, but obviously didn't love the dog enough to bring it along. This dog was obviously loved and well taken cared of, but in the end of the day... I got nothing to say. I don't know the full story and there are no shelters or organizations here that could help, so most people would just opt for the easiest way out. 

       Dog found and evaluated, we got prepared and loaded the dog in the car. He was very scared and kept burying himself under the driver as well as the passenger seat. Good thing I have my friends with me to keep him secure. Raichu's angel's dad was even so kind and generous to donate a bag of dog food to help us out. I'm forever grateful for their compassion and love for animals. 

       Now that the easy part was done, I knew I was heading for a storm the moment I got home. 

To be continued...

Happy Days!


  1. Oh dear I'm glad you went and got him but I'm scared to see the next part of the story,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. but I am sure the story turned out well in the end after all you do still have this beauty,xx Rachel and Speedy