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        Thinking back, boy was I crazy to take on a case like this without a scrap of foster experience. By right, first time foster carers should start with puppies or elderly dogs from shelters and that was exactly what I was picturing/wishing in my head to begin with. However, I always had that excuse, maybe when I have a steady income or when I have less than 3 dogs then I'll start foster caring.

        We all know what happens next right. The opportunity/situation presented itself, and so I acted upon it thinking this is it. 

        When we reached home, our welcoming committee was the opposite of warm. My dogs(I only had 3 at the time) were barking crazy, and my mother was very unhappy with what I've just done. She was shouting angrily, complaining about how stupid and crazy I was to my dad because 3 dogs was the maximum limit at the time. 

         I felt horrible and I can't imagine what my friends must have felt; but worst of all, how the dogs felt. John was inside the house while Sonnig and Keiko was tethered up before I drove into the compound. 

          Being stupid at the time, I allowed Raichu to have a feel of the environment for awhile once he was out of the car. He walked around nervously and marked at a few places before I placed him inside the outdoor cage/kennel. One stupid mistake after another, I unleashed the tethered hounds. They rushed to the cage and it was bad. There were growls, snarls, barks, raised hackles and a lot of aggression between the boys.

         I had to pull my dogs away and got them tethered up again. As if that wasn't bad enough, my mum kept on threatening and ordering my friends and I to dump the newcomer at a market or temple. I don't really want to write bad things about my mother or mothers out there, but the reality is... this is how the majority thinks and when you are not part of the herd, you will be criticized. As harsh or mean it may sound, but everything happens for a reason and God presented me with this as to strengthen me for harder battles to come. 

         I felt like giving up, breaking down and just killing myself. It was really bad. I'm sorry my friends if I made you guys feel guilty and bad, but it was my decision and my action, so I am the only one to blame. I knew what I was getting myself into. Whats done is done and I'm a wiser more experienced person today thanks to this experience. 

        Moving on, once my dogs were tied up again, I asked my friends to take Raichu out for a walk around the neighborhood while I prepared Sonnig for the walk as well. The plan is to introduce the dogs on neutral ground. I didn't try this method to begin with even though it's the most recommended thing to do while introducing two adult dogs cause I never had any serious problems before when introducing new dogs to the pack. 

         Reflecting back, I've only introduced puppies into the pack, so yeah. Adults are different-lesson learnt! 

         I tried to remember Cesar Millan's words of wisdom:-stay calm, assertive and relax. Sonnig was having non of that. He was excited, focus and kept on pulling on the leash. Once I got him to calm down a little and focus on me, I tried to let the two dogs meet, but he would start getting too excited and I would need to refocus him again. 

         The process went on and on till I felt Sonnig was at the right state. They started out fine, sniffing each other and all, but I was starting to second guess myself. Is this right? Will they fight? Mum is going to kill me. Oh, how I wish Cesar could tell me what to do. 

It felt like forever and I just wanted it to end. Being impatient, I committed the worst mistake in dog introduction history. I tugged on the leash and that action itself sent Sonnig into fight mode. Thank god it wasn't serious, but I had to come up with a different plan now.

      Turmoil, guilt and a whole lot of depressive thoughts came to overwhelm me. I was tearing up and fighting to put up a brave face for my friends, but I was really loosing it. 

       In the end, I decided I've had it. I set a new plan in motion and did what I felt was best. When Sonnig was tied up again, my friends helped me give Raichu a good bath. Once that was done, we called it a day. 

One of my friend had her boyfriend come pick her up from my place, as for my other accomplice, I had to drive her home. Instead of returning Raichu to the outdoor cage/kennel, I tethered him to my bed and left him in my room instead. As I drove my friend home, I was praying so hard for my parents not to take the dog away and dump it somewhere. Thankfully, that didn't happen and so, Raichu slept in my room that night.

To be continued...
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P.S: Sorry for the long essay and lack of pictures. I didn't take any pictures that day, but I will try to reenact some when my friends are around to help out. I know by posting this story, some may want to criticize my actions and accuse me of animal abuse. I'm taking the risk anyway because I don't want people to make the mistakes I've made. Actually gives me a new subject to research, compile and write about, 'Proper ways to introduce a new dog into your pack'. Live and learn.  

Happy days!

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