Wednesday, May 18, 2016


          It's close to 3a.m. in the morning and it's pouring outside. Normally this is the most wonderful weather for sleeping, but I'm wide awake. I don't know what to blame. All I know is, I have too much brain activity and it hurts to close my eyes-like physical pain on my eyelids.

'Tree leaf water drops in the lake after rain'. Taiping my beautiful rain town. This picture is credited to Ashwinie Nageshwaran. Thanks for the pic!
          My last post was on December last year and a lot has happened since then. First, my work picked up and most of my free time went into household chores, pet care, music practice and a lot of gaming due to the stress that came with work plus responsibilities. It seems that I only get the mood to blog when I have a life changing pet story to share. This usually means... more pets have entered my life.

          The story I'm about to tell is a story so unbelievable you'll think I'm just making things up as I go. I myself find it hard to believe to be honest. I don't know if it's fate, or God's will, or the Butterfly effect or just the Universal Law of Attraction or an epiphany. Call it whatever you like, but the story I'm about to share with you had already begun. That moment you read about Sonnig's adoption was the beginning of the chain of events that lead me to where I'm going today. 

He is my gangster dog as always. Haha!
Right now, the story is at a pause with Raichu... but let me backtrack a little. All the way back to Sonnig's adoption.

           That night after work, if I hadn't pushed myself to be more social and went out with my colleagues past midnight for a few hours of social awkwardness... I wouldn't have been aware of animal shelters in Penang.

Honestly I didn't even think they existed in Malaysia. Why were they talking about it to begin with? They didn't know about my love for dogs and they weren't the dog enthusiast kind either. I think it was one of the girl's boyfriend that made her want to go and maybe find a suitable dog to adopt instead of buying one.

Furthermore, if they weren't interested or bothered to include me, they wouldn't have asked if I wanted to go along to the shelter with them the next morning.

There is never a day I'm not thankful for seeing this face on that faithful day.
It makes you wonder doesn't it? How was I at the right place, with the right people at the right time? Next thing I know, I've quit my job and adopted Sonnig.

When I was back home in Taiping and able to watch tv again, who rose to fame and gave me yet another epiphany? It's non other than Cesar Millan. I learnt so much from his show and it helped me find myself in a way. 

With new found confidence, knowledge and inspiration, Sonnig and I achieved things we never thought possible and it made me try harder to achieve what I've always been dreaming of. Thus, the creation of 'Safe Haven'. I've only shared Safe Haven publicly once during a vision board presentation during my time in National Service Training.

Remember this?
             Safe Haven is the name of a non kill animal shelter/sanctuary I dream of opening and running in my hometown one day. As though God wanted me to keep on believing in this dream, one of my best friend sent me the most amazing birthday parcel I ever received right after I got back from training.

She lived in a different state, so she had it delivered by post. I LOVE IT! It was a real surprise and I felt so happy just to get a gift from her. I opened the parcel and the first thing I read was the words, 'Safe Haven'. 

 It was the title of the book written by Nicholas Sparks. Along with it, she also sent me a facial mask, a couple of tea bags and a cute short sweet birthday message-her idea of my ideal distress package.

I love what she did there with the snake. Lol
Was it a validation from God? Was it just pure coincidence? Honestly I would enjoy Nicholas's 'The Longest Ride' more than 'Safe Haven' cause I love horses, bulls and coy bows. 'The last song' would have connection with me too cause it had music in it's theme. Why did she chose that book instead? Why did Nicholas titled it Safe Haven?

       These are the questions that keep me up all night and make me question my sanity.

During that trying period of really trying to achieve that dream, I started by writing this blog. Hold on here... 

Checking back, there's like 5 more days before MH4P(My Heart 4 Pets) celebrates it's 3rd year Aniversary. LOOK AT THAT TIMING!!!! I just had a thought that what if MH4P was started today or in this month? That would be an amazing connection eh? I checked and BOOM! What???

See! It keeps happening! This coincidence thing!

       As I was saying about the creation of this blog and that period of trial, I failed a lot and I gave up a lot of times. There was the neighborhood dog wash that failed, Dee Dee the street rescue that ended with a sad note, and not forgetting my job at the stables which I ran away from.

I'm so so so so so sorry baby girl, but I will do right by you. I promise you that.
Every time I thought I've given up on my dream of working with animals, I'll make a stupid wish to God or God knows what? Next thing I know... Your wish is my command.

      This is where Raichu's story picks up, so I'll end this post here to the beginning to his story:-Raichu's Story Part 1

Cuddliest dog you will ever meet!
Just a quick update, here are whats to come... I hope.

  • Raichu's story part 2 and maybe a part 3
  • Karooby's story parts 1 to 3 in estimation
  • Steffan's story(my late rabbit) if I decide to write about it
  • New bun buns!!! Yes... I got rabbits. Happened recently
  • Pond adventures... Turtle and the gang finally gets a story
  • Street dog aid-Zolla's story(will be written in collaboration with my best friend)
  • Street dog aid-Suzzie's story(will also feature my best friend)
  • Street dog aid-Yoda's story(this one is the latest case for I am currently fostering her). It's going to be a very long, complicated, full of heart tugging moments... Could be the reason why I'm up writing this right now. Will it be Yoda's story? or a SDA(Street Dog Aid) story? The month of June holds the answer.
It's now 5.03a.m. I got a pond/tank to clean later in the morning, bunnies to exercise, dogs to feed, music to practice, things to cook/bake, house chores to do and soooooo many things that need to be done. Good thing I have a 5 day holiday this week. 

Happy days!


  1. You sound like you are in a happy place,which is great to hear and all this new and bunnies to hear about too...yippee!xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. Haha! It's always nice to hear from you. Yeah! BUNNIES!!! U gonna love them... :)