Thursday, June 2, 2016


If you hadn't read parts one to three, click here:-Part 1 (The Wish)Part 2 (The Rescue)Part 3 (Bringing Home Raichu)
        After a day of stress and anxiety, I woke up in the morning to this and I just had to take a picture.

Just look at that face...
       It was a weekday and my parents are teachers, so they had work in the morning and I felt so much comfortable when it was time to try reintroducing Raichu to the dogs again. Before that, Raichu needed a photo shoot for his petfinder profile.

Cat walk! Look at that strut! Or should I say dog walk... Haha!
Side profile and look at that bandana... Fuh! Handsome boy! So Country!
Pose pose!
Getting Raichu to get along with John was super easy cause all they did was ignore each other. As for the other dogs, I felt in a way that indoor space and outdoor space became like two separate huge cages. The dogs got to see each other separated by the grill and when things get a little too uncomfortable, I could easily correct either dog. 

I feel like I'm the animal in a zoo exhibit n they are the viewers. This grill has done wonders during dog introductions.
It worked of course and after a few days, Raichu was able to spend the whole day being an outdoor dog without any fights with Sonnig.

Awww... Raichu is more of a cuddler.
Sonnig... not so much.
        Sadly, peace didn't last long though. After three days of no incidents, I woke up early one morning to the sound of a fight. I rushed out to see Raichu and Sonnig going at each other's throats and I quickly got them separated. Lucky for both of them, there weren't any serious injuries. 

However, they made up later on and acted like brothers again-playing, grooming and sleeping beside each other. All was fine till the next morning when I woke up again to the sound of another fight. 

I don't understand what was going on. I tried to ignore it for another day, but it happened again the next morning. After that, I decided to let Raichu sleep in my room again during the nights, but spending the rest of the day outside. 

        I had to find him a home quick for my mum didn't like him being in the house and 4 dogs was proving to be a handful. 

Raichu has a great personality and he came with a special trick too. He loves to shake hand. His previous owners must have thought him that cause I know it wasn't me. Other than that, he is sooooo manja! I don't think there is a translation in English for the word 'manja' and even if it did, it doesn't sound right. An example would be how Raichu would just push himself onto you and sit on your lap so you could cuddle him. He loves to be pampered and he would try so hard for a hug. 

Every time he sees me sitting down, this is what he does.
       My friends and I shared his petfinder profile around social media and a few animal welfare activist groups, but we still couldn't find an adopter for Raichu after 2 weeks. I then decided to make some fliers to distribute to vet clinics, pet shops and around the neighborhood. Time for a second photo shoot of this awesome orange dog.

And... playing for team England... Number 10! Ittttttt'sssss RAICHU!!! 
Oh wait, I guess he is also playing on team Brazil as number 11. You better pull up those shorts son for maximum performance. XD (Please ignore the clutter behind. Heehee)
      I got the fliers made, but I don't know why I only got it pasted on my local vet's wall. Somehow I felt it was pointless and wasn't worth the effort. Thinking back today, I should have just done it anyway.

      A month passed and still nobody wanted to adopt Raichu and I gave up. Raichu officially became my dog. 4 months later, he got a new best friend and her name is Karooby.

         That wraps up Raichu's story for now... I might be considering to put him up for adoption again because I just added another dog into my pack which now totals up to 6. He is no problem at all to care for other than the fights with Sonnig, but if I am to operate a shelter one day, I need to learn to let go. One of my friend was smitten by this manja boy, but she too has reached 1 dog more than her maximum allowed. Only time will tell, but for now I'll be enjoying my manja boy's company as long as I can.


Happy Days!

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